Marion Hatley

After untangling herself from a big-city scandal, a Depression- era seamstress flees to a small town, where she expects to live and work in peace. Instead, she finds herself unraveling uncomfortable secrets about the town, and about herself.

In This Ground

As he prepares to help with a controversial exhumation, a second-generation gravedigger and former rock guitarist sinks to a new low point in his personal and professional life. In an effort to climb up from it, he seeks to reconnect with his musician daughter, to confront his guilt over a former band mate’s death, and to transform the way he and the cemetery honor the dead.

Gold River

New clues about her mother’s disappear- ance, years before, lead a young woman to the site of a legendary healing river. There, she becomes immersed in an even deeper mystery and discovers unsettling powers that connect her to the river’s past.